Latino Civic Alliance (LCA) is a statewide nonproft advocacy and civic engagement organization. Over the past 10 years, LCA has devoted its energy to passionately advocate for the working families, community members who want to run for office or lead in their communities and politically under-represented members of our Washington State. We have thousands of supporters statewide and have unified various efforts and initiatives throughout Washington state to empower Latinos.

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When you vote you make your voice count. For almost everything you buy in Washington, you pay taxes. While our senators and representatives will decide what the money gets spent out, it's tax payers who will hold them accountable and let them know what matters. Besides voting, there are other ways to participate in civic engagement, even when you are not eligible to vote.

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Latino Civic Alliance (LCA) is a nonpartisan organization that promotes advocacy and civic engagement in Washington State by encouraging social responsibility and public service. LCA facilitates community and state based advocacy for Latino/as.  We collaborate with the community to improve the public good on the local, state and national level. LCA advocates on a solution basis and seeks to foster opportunities for meaningful and reciprocal relationships between political representation and the community.

By attending 2017 Latino Legislative Day you will be attending the largest Latino political platform. At the event you will meet with your legislators to discuss issues impacting your communities. You will also have to opportunity to meet with respected state officials. Participants are given the option of attending policy sessions on small business, education, healthcare, housing, farm worker rights, economic development and juvenile justice and public safety.

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Sea Mar Community Health Center

Pacific Northwest Regional Carpenters

Catholic Housing Services Western WA

El Centro de La Raza - Seattle

Washington Federation of State Employees

Homestreet Bank

Fiesta Foods

State Farm

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